School Site Council

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What is SSC?

n the 1970’s, the State of California passed a law that set up the School Improvement Program (SIP), which enabled schools to receive supplemental funding from the state.  The law, California Education Code Section 52012, established that any school that participates in and receives funds from the School Improvement Program (SIP) form a School Site Council (SSC), made up of teachers, parents, classified employees and students (at the high school level).

The Role of SSC

The SSC members work in concert with the Principal to review, evaluate, and develop academic improvement programs for the school, and determine how the SIP funds will be spent, thus, the School Site Council plays and important decision-making role at your school.    Behind the creation of the School Site Council is the belief that those involved with your school and students on a day-to-day basis--the teachers, parents and other school employees--can make some of the best decisions for your school.  How the council actually operates varies greatly from school to school, but in general the School Site Council deals more with school policy and budget than the school PTA or PTO.

SSC Composition

The School Site Council at Luigi is composed of the Principal, 3 classroom teachers, 1 classified school employee, and 5 parents or community members.

School Site Council Members 2016/17

Principal- Tami Espinosa

Parent/President- OPEN

Parent/Vice-President- Henry Schaper

Parent/Secretary- Laurie Morales

Parent- Matt Corona

Parent- Judy Rosti


Classified Employee- Laura Case

Classroom Teacher- Suzanne Seekatz

Classroom Teacher- Carlos Perez

Classroom Teacher- Christine Hart